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Sdl.FileTypeSupport.Framework.Core.Utilities.BilingualApi Namespace

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Public classBilingualContentHandlerAdapter
Adapter that allows an IBilingualContentHandler implementation to be used as a bilingual content processor.
Public classCharacterCountingIterator
Iterator that counts characters of text and tag items as it is moved forward and backward through the content of a paragraph.
Protected classCharacterCountingIteratorEndOfItemCharacterCounterVisitor
Visitor to count characters for "end" of parent containers.
Protected classCharacterCountingIteratorStartOfItemCharacterCounterVisitor
Visitor implementation that counts the number of characters found when moving from outside a container to the first location inside it.
Public classConstants
Constants which need to be accessed from other assemblies
Public classDefaultDocumentItemFactory
Static helper used to create an instance of the current default implementation of the document item factory.
Public classEventFiringBilingualProcessor

This component is a bilingual content processor that implements the IBilingualContentHandler interface by raising events before and after each corresponding call on the Output.

Event handlers can be used to provide selective processing of calls, before and after they are made on the output.

Handlers that modify the content should be connected to the Before... events. If content is changed in an After... event, the output may not be aware of those changes.

This provides a convenient way of adding pieces of bilingual processing functionality without having to define a full bilingual processor.

Public classInvalidEncodingRemovalVisitor
Removes control codes from Bilingual Content
Public classParagraphUnitBuffer
A buffer for IParagraphUnit instances

The buffer can be turned on and off. While turned on, it caches all paragraph units passed to it through calls on ProcessParagraphUnit(IParagraphUnit). When turned off, the paragraph units are output to the IBilingualContentHandler set as the Output property.

Call Hold to make the buffer start buffering paragraph unit calls. Call Release to have all buffered paragraph units output to the Output content processor and stop buffering calls.

You can access and modify the content of the buffer through the BufferedParagraphUnits property.

Public classSourceToTargetCopier

Bilingual content processor that copies source content to the target for all localizable paragraph units.

Segments are handled specifically in this operation: if CopySegmentsAsEmpty is true, any content inside the segments is removed, and the segment properties are set to "not translated". Otherwise, the segment content from the source is duplicated, and the segment translation origin is set to "copied from source".

The HandleExistingTargetContent property (and the corresponding constructor parameter) determines how this processor handles situations in which content is already present in the target of the paragraph unit.

Public classTextCollectionVisitor
A visitor that can be used to collect all the text in IAbstractMarkupData. If the markup data is an IAbstractMarkupDataContainer then its children will be iterated over and included in the collection.
Public enumerationExistingContentHandling
Used by the SourceToTargetCopier to specify how existing content in a target segment should be processed.

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