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Sdl.FileTypeSupport.Framework.BilingualApi Namespace

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Public classAbstractBilingualContentHandler
Abstract base class for convenient implementation of bilingual content handlers. Provides the default implementations for the content handler methods; you just need to override the ones you are interested in.
Public classAbstractBilingualContentProcessor
Abstract base class for convenient implementation of bilingual content processors. Provides the default implementations for the content processor methods that call the corresponding methods on the Output. You just need to override the ones you are interested in, and call the base class to output content.
Public classAbstractBilingualFileTypeComponent
Convenient base class from which bilingual file type components can be built. Implements the setters and getters for the bilingual component initialization. For convenience, implements the IBilingualContentMessageReporter interface by forwarding all calls to the MessageReporter (if set).
Public classAbstractBilingualParser
Base class that can be used to implement bilingual parsers.

Takes care of the basics involved in implementing the IBilingualParser and IBilingualFileTypeComponent interfaces.

Public classBilingualContentMessageReporterProxy
BilingualContentMessageReporterProxy class is responsible for reporting messages using a message reporter.
Public classLevelLocation
Represents a location inside an IAbstractMarkupDataContainer.
Public classLocation
Represents a location inside a possibly nested IAbstractMarkupDataContainer collection.
Public classNotSplittableException
Thrown by the Split(Int32) method if content cannot be split.
Public classTextLocation
Reference to a location inside the bilingual content model that may be inside a text node
Public interfaceIAbstractDataContent
Base interface for markup data items that represent actual "physical" segment content (i.e. tags and text as opposed to markers).
Public interfaceIAbstractMarker
Base interface for all markup that does not directly represent content in the native files (as opposed to IAbstractDataContent).
Public interfaceIAbstractMarkupData
Base interface for all tagged text content with markup that can appear inside the source or target in a localizable paragraph unit.
Public interfaceIAbstractMarkupDataContainer
Abstract interface implemented by containers that hold data items representing localizable content. For example, the IParagraph, ISegment, ITagPair, and IOtherMarker interfaces are derived from this interface.
Public interfaceIAbstractTag
Base interface for all tags that appear inside the source or target content of a paragraph unit.
Public interfaceIBilingualContentHandler
This interface is implemented by content processors that work on the bilingual content model, for example IBilingualContentProcessor and IBilingualWriter.
Public interfaceIBilingualContentMessageReporter
Means for bilingual content processing components to communicate non-fatal issues with associated locations to the framework.
Public interfaceIBilingualContentMessageReporterWithExtendedData
IBilingualContentMessageReporterWithExtendedData interface is almost exactly the same as the IBilingualContentMessageReporter except that the ReportMessage method includes an extended data parameter.
Public interfaceIBilingualContentProcessor
Chainable content handler for streaming the processing of bilingual content. Input is received on the IBilingualContentHandler implementation and the corresponding output is generated by calls on the Output.
Public interfaceIBilingualDocumentFileWriter
Bilingual writer that can write an entire bilingual document (potentially consisting of content from multiple native files) to a single output file.
Public interfaceIBilingualDocumentOutputProperties
Output properties of a bilingual document file; communicated to file type components through the IBilingualDocumentOutputPropertiesAware interface during generation with a IBilingualDocumentFileWriter.
Public interfaceIBilingualDocumentOutputPropertiesAware
Implement this interface to retrieve information on the bilingual document output (e.g. SDL XLIFF), and have the ability to suggest a file name when a bilingual document is about to be created.
Public interfaceIBilingualDocumentParser
Parser for intermediate bilingual document formats such as SDL XLIFF, which are used for persistence of the entire bilingual object model.
Public interfaceIBilingualDocumentWriter
Implemented by components that can write bilingual data for multiple files in a single document to external storage (e.g. XLIFF files).
Public interfaceIBilingualFileTypeComponent
Bilingual components that need access to the document item factory should implement this interface. The ItemFactory property will be set by the framework before parsing begins.
Public interfaceIBilingualParser
Interface implemented by components that can read bilingual data from an external source.
Public interfaceIBilingualToNativeConverter
Interface implemented by components that can convert bilingual content received from calls on the IBilingualContentHandler interface to (source or target language) the native content output on the Output interface. Note that it is up to the implementation to 'decide' if the source or the target (or both) in the bilingual content should be processed.
Public interfaceIBilingualVerifier
Implemented by components that can verify bilingual document
Public interfaceIBilingualWriter
Implemented by components that directly write bilingual output without native content processing. The input to the writer is provided by calls to the IBilingualContentHandler implementation.
Public interfaceICommentMarker
Comments associated with specific content inside markup data
Public interfaceIDocumentItemFactory
Factory for items that can be inserted into the bilingual content model. Bilingual file type components typically get an instance of this factory through their implementation of the ItemFactory property, which is set by the framework during component initialization.
Public interfaceIDocumentProperties
Properties that are common to all files in a bilingual document
Public interfaceIFileProperties
Information on an original file in a document. A document can consist of multiple files that have been merged together.
Public interfaceILocationMarker
A location marker represents a persistent location in the bilingual content. It is often generated from LocationMark(LocationMarkerId) calls with associated native message reporter calls from native parsers, and content processors used during extraction. Location markers can also be used as general bookmarks.
Public interfaceILockedContainer
Container for items in a ILockedContent
Public interfaceILockedContent
Represents a collection of markup data items that has been locked in order to indicate that they should not be changed during localization.
Public interfaceIMarkupDataVisitor
Interface for the visitor in the visitor pattern implementation for translatable source / target content items in a localizable paragraph unit.
Public interfaceINativeToBilingualConverter
Interface implemented by components that can convert input from calls to the native content handler interface to calls on a bilingual content processor.
Public interfaceIOtherMarker
A custom marker that can span content, but that is not visible in the editor.
Public interfaceIParagraph
Container for the source or target content in a IParagraphUnit; this often corresponds to a paragraph of localizable content in one language.
Public interfaceIParagraphUnit
A continous unit of source language content within a single context, and (if applicable) the localized target language version of the content. This often corresponds to a paragraph of text in a native file.
Public interfaceIPlaceholderTag
A standalone inline tag that appears inside the source or target content in a localizable ParagraphUnit in the bilingual content model.
Public interfaceIRepetitionsTable
Used in Repetitions to keep track of segments with the same source language content that appear in multiple locations within the document (potentially in different files).
Public interfaceIRevisionMarker
Marker used to indicate content changes tracked via revisions, such as content that has been added or deleted. The revision applies to all content that this marker spans.
Public interfaceIRevisionProperties
Information on a particular revision
Public interfaceISegment
Identifies the content of a segment inside the Source or Target.
Public interfaceISegmentPair
Represents a source and target segment pair in a paragraph unit.
Public interfaceISerializableMarkupDataContainer
Intended for binary serialization of markup data content. The implementation of this interface is guaranteed to be marked with the [Serializable] attribute, and is binary serializable.
Public interfaceIStructureTag
Tag that represents structural information, and that appears inside a IParagraphUnit with IsStructure set to true.
Public interfaceISubSegmentReference
Contains information associated with localizable content of a tag in the bilingual content model.
Public interfaceITagPair
A pair of tags (i.e. start and end) in the bilingual content model, with the content enclosed by the tag pair
Public interfaceIText
Translatable text inside the source or target in a localizable ParagraphUnit.
Public delegateDependencyFileLocator
Used by bilingual document parsers. Helps locate missing dependency files. The implementation should try to locate the file based on the provided information. If successful, it returns the actual file path. The implementation may alternatively throw an exception to abort parsing, or return an empty or null string if the file could not be located, but parsing should attempt to proceed anyway.
Public enumerationRevisionType
Type of revision/editing operation; used in RevisionType.

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