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IDocumentItemFactory Interface
Factory for items that can be inserted into the bilingual content model. Bilingual file type components typically get an instance of this factory through their implementation of the ItemFactory property, which is set by the framework during component initialization.

Namespace: Sdl.FileTypeSupport.Framework.BilingualApi
Assembly: Sdl.FileTypeSupport.Framework.Core (in Sdl.FileTypeSupport.Framework.Core.dll) Version: (1.0.2508.0)
public interface IDocumentItemFactory

The IDocumentItemFactory type exposes the following members.

Public propertyPropertiesFactory
May hold a reference to the properties factory that is used together with the document item factory.
Public methodCreateCommentMarker
Creates a new comment associated with a comments collection. This is somewhat inconsistent with the other factory methods, because there is no separate comment properties object for wrapping the collection.
Public methodCreateDocumentProperties
Creates an empty document properties instance.
Public methodCreateFeedback
Create a feedback marker that can be used to indicate that a part of teh content has user feedback associated with it.
Public methodCreateFileProperties
Creates an empty file properties instance.
Public methodCreateLocationMarker
Creates a new location marker that is initialized with a unique LocationMarkerId.
Public methodCreateLockedContent
Creates a locked content object, which represents locked content.
Public methodCreateOtherMarker
Creates an instance of a generic marker type.
Public methodCreateParagraphUnit
Creates a new localizable ParagraphUnit with empty source and target content.
Public methodCreatePlaceholderTag
Creates a placeholder tag instance.
Public methodCreateRevision
Create a revision marker that can be used to indicate that a part of the content was changed through adding or deleting.
Public methodCreateRevisionProperties Obsolete.
Creates a revision properties object, which represents information associated with a revision marker.
Public methodCreateSegment
Creates a new segment object and assigns the properties to it.
Public methodCreateSegmentPair
Creates a segment pair object that can be used as a convenience when working with source and target segments in a IParagraphUnit.
Public methodCreateSegmentPairProperties
Creates a new segment pair properties object that can be used to create segments.
Public methodCreateSerializableContainer
Creates an empty container for markup data that is guaranteed to be serializable.
Public methodCreateStructureTag
Creates a structure tag instance.
Public methodCreateSubSegmentReference
Creates a sub-segment reference instance.
Public methodCreateTagPair
Creates a tag pair instance.
Public methodCreateText
Creates a text instance.
Public methodCreateTranslationOrigin
Creates a new translation origin object that can be assigned to segment pair properties.
Public methodDeserialzeContainer
De-serialize the stream into a markup data container of the same type returned from CreateSerializableContainer.
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