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Sdl.ProjectAutomation.FileBased Namespace

The Sdl.ProjectAutomation.FileBased assembly contains a specific implementation of the Project Automation API for working with file-based SDL Trados Studio projects.

The main class in this assembly is FileBasedProject, which implements the IProject interface. This class allows you to create new file-based localization projects or open existing ones and performs all the generic operations defined by IProject, plus a number of operations that are specific to file-based projects, like for instance running task sequences (see RunAutomaticTasks(Guid, String)).

A closely related assembly is Sdl.ProjectAutomation.Settings, which defines settings groups that provide access to settings that control various aspects of project execution. For more information on working with settings groups, refer to the Sdl.Core.Settings documentation.

Public classAbstractContentProcessor
Base class used to process a bilingual document.
Public classAbstractContentTask
Base class implemented by a content task
Public classFileBasedProject
This class provides an implementation of the IProject interface for working with SDL Trados Studio projects.
Public classLicensingException
A licensing related exception. This usually indicates that a valid license is not available to use the Project Automation API.
Public classProjectCredentials

Represents credentials for translation providers and termbase servers to be used during project processing. You can access this using Credentials.

When creating or opening a project that refers to translation providers or termbases that require credentials, the appropriate credentials should be set up using AddCredential(Uri, String), before executing automatic tasks or anything else that requires access to these translation providers or termbases.

Note that these credentials will only be used for local processing and will not be included in any project packages. The user who opens the project package will be asked to provide the appropriate credentials.

If credentials for translation providers or termbases have been specified in SDL Trados Studio and the user has chose to persist these, these credentials will be automatically available to projects that are run on the same machine and you are not required to provide them programmatically again.

Public classProjectServer
Public classPublishProjectEventArgs
Used to monitor the progress of a publish project operation
Public classPublishProjectResult
Returns the final status and any messages that occured during the Publish Project operation
Public classServerProjectInfo
Class used to store the information required for to store a project on a project server
Public classTaskSequence
Represents a sequence of automatic tasks that is executing or has finished executing.
Public classTaskSequences
This class defines standard sequences of well-known automatic task template IDs, which can be used to pass to RunAutomaticTasks(Guid, String) for running a sequence of automatic tasks. The task sequences defined here are similar to the default sequences available in the SDL Trados Studio user interface.

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