Import Translation Memory Data

This lesson describes how to import data to a translation memory that you created in SDL Trados Studio. You can import translation memory data in the following formats:

To import translation memory data into a translation memory:

  1. Click the Translation Memories button in the navigation pane to display the Translation Memories view.

  2. Make the translation memory for which you want to import data the active translation memory.

  3. Select File > Import from the menu bar. The Import Wizard is displayed on the Import Files page.

  4. Click Add on the Import Files page, navigate to the location of the document you want to import, select the document and click Open. Repeat these steps to add additional documents. You can only import supported document types.

  5. Click Next. The Import Options page is displayed.

  6. Specify your import settings on the Import Options page and click Finish to start the import process. The Importing page is displayed.

  7. When the import has finished, the items on this page are listed as Complete. Click Close.


In order to see the newly imported data in the translation memory that is open in the TM side-by-side editor window, you must first close the translation memory from the TM side-by-side editor window and then open the translation memory again.