Use the QuickInsert settings to specify which items are available on the applicable QuickInsert toolbar. The QuickInsert settings are available for every file type.

Only user defined QuickInsert items are shown in the list. Standard QuickInserts for the file types are available from the QuickInsert toolbar during translation.

If you want to add a user defined QuickInsert button, click the Add button or Edit button to display the Add/Edit QuickInsert dialog box, which you use to set up the details of a QuickInsert button.



For more detailed information on how to create custom buttons, see Example: Add a Custom Button to the QuickInsert Toolbar.

These settings appear in multiple dialog boxes in SDL Trados Studio. Click here for more information about finding the appropriate dialog box.

You can also display this page from the QuickInsert toolbar during translation by clicking QuickInsert Settings.



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