How to Export Translation Memory Data

This topic describes how to export data from a translation memory to a *.tmx (Translation Memory Exchange) file. A *.tmx file contains translation units and their associated fields.


To export translation memory data:

  1. In the navigation tree in the Translation Memories view, select the translation memory whose contents you want to export.

  2. If the translation memory does not appear in the navigation tree, select File > Open > Open Translation Memory from the menu bar.

  1. Select File > Export from the menu bar. The Export Wizard is displayed on the Export Options page.

  2. Click Browse. The Select Export File dialog box is displayed. Browse to the location where you want the export file to be created, specify a name for the file and click Save.

  3. If you want to limit the export to a particular set of translation units, click Edit. The Filter dialog box is displayed. Use the dialog box to create a filter that will select the translation units to be exported. Click OK when you have finished.
    Only translation units that match the filter will be exported.

  4. Click Next to start the export process. The Exporting page is displayed.

  5. When the export has finished, the items on this page are listed as Complete. Click Finish.

The exported data is now available as a *.tmx document in the location you specified.



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