How do I Move my License to Another Computer for a Single-User License

If you want to use your license on another computer which has the SDL product installed, you must first deactivate the license on the first computer and then you can activate it on the new computer.

How to Move a License with an Internet Connection

To deactivate your product online, you must be connected to the Internet.

  1. To deactivate your product, click Deactivate in the Product Activation dialog box.

  2. A prompt is displayed asking if you want to deactivate your product. Click Yes. A message is displayed indicating that the deactivation was successful.

  3. Activate your software on the new computer.  

How to Move a License with no Internet Connection

If you are not able to access the Internet from the computer on which you have the currently activated (licensed) version of the SDL software installed or your firewall prevents you from performing online deactivation, you can Modify Your Proxy Settings or use offline deactivation to deactivate the product.

To deactivate your product when you have no Internet connection, you need to use another computer with Internet access to the SDL Account website to return the deactivation certificate.  

Step 1:  Generate the Deactivation Certificate

  1. Display the Product Activation dialog box.

  2. In the Product Activation dialog box, click the Deactivate offline link. The Offline Deactivation page is displayed.

  3. Click Generate Certificate. A Deactivation certificate code is displayed.

Step 2:  Return the Deactivation Certificate (License)

  1. Switch to a computer that can access the Internet and log onto SDL Account.

  1. Return to the Product Activation dialog box and select I have returned the deactivation certificate to SDL.

  2. Click Confirm.

Step 3: Activate on the New Computer

  1. Activate your software on the new computer.


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