Activating a Network License with the SDL License Server Manager

Using a key provided by the SDL Licensing Team, you can activate the SDL License Server Manager to serve licenses of your purchased SDL products to clients.

Activate the SDL License Server Manager

  1. Open the SDL License Server Manager from the Windows Start menu.
  2. Copy the product key provided to you by the SDL Licensing Team. You can find it in the Order Information email or your SDL Account.
  3. Paste the key into the Activation Code field.
  4. Choose the number of licenses you wish to activate with your product key. You can activate only a part of the licenses available on your network license. This is useful in case you need to use some or all of the remaining licenses on another licensing server.
  5. Click Activate.


If you click the View Details arrow, you will see your activated product in the list with its corresponding product key. The activations are grouped together by products and editions in drop-down lists. For example, a drop-down list contains all activations for the SDL Studio 2015 Express Commuter licenses.

The activated licenses list contains details about the date and time of activation, the number of seats you used on a particular activation and the number of remaining seats on your purchased license at the time of activation.

You can activate remaining seats from the same product key at a later date.

If you have activated a 30-day trial Commuter license for an SDL product and wish to activate a full license, you must first deactivate the trial license.

Serving licenses

The license server is now good to go - clients can connect to the license server using the server's name. Make sure you have the licensing computer turned on when users request network license seats.


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