SDL MultiTerm

With the SDL Trados Studio add-in, you can access existing termbases while localizing the software in Passolo. This add-in offers direct access to multiple term bases without requiring synchronization (export from SDL MultiTerm and import in Passolo).

The add-in connects to term bases of SDL MultiTerm. To load the add-in you need to have MultiTerm 2011 or newer installed on your computer. Older version of MultiTerm are no longer supported (starting with Passolo 2015).

To define a MultiTerm connection, select Tools tab > Add-ins. In the tab Translation select the add-in SDL MultiTerm and click Setup.

The Connections list contains your configured connections to term bases. Click on Export to save the current connection setup to a configuration file for connections. The Import function can be used to load connections from a previously stored configuration file.

Click on the icon to create a new connection to a term base. Then enter a name for the connection in the main window. Use the checkbox next to the connection name to activate or deactivate a connection.

To change the name of an existing connection, select the entry in the list and click on the icon.

Select an existing connection and click on the icon to delete the connection setting from the list.

Note: Any errors that occur when connecting to the term base are displayed in the output window Messages and entered in the Last error field. The connection is deactivated and has to be reactivated manually.

Properties of a MultiTerm connection

For the termbase connection type the following dialog appears.

Termbase location

Click Browse to define a connection to one or more termbase. For more information, see Connection to the Termbase.

Default Termbase Languages

This field lists the languages contained in the default termbase. The list is filled automatically when the connection is established with the termbase.


Activate the option Use termbase even if only base languages are equal to enable use of the current termbase in Passolo even if only the primary IDs for the source language and target language are correct.

Activate the option Store terminology to this termbase if you want to store terms translated in Passolo to the current termbase by means of the Store Terminology command in the shortcut menu. This option can only be activated for one termbase and is checked when the connection is saved.

Forbidden values

Configure terminology check for forbidden terms by specifying which terms will be flagged as forbidden during translation:

  1. From the Term picklist fields drop-down list, select the descriptive field name that will indicate the forbidden terms for the selected termbase.
  2. Enable the corresponding values that indicate what terms are forbidden.