Reviewer Grading Window

If your company is capturing feedback on the quality of translations, the Reviewer Grading window is where the feedback is recorded. To display this window, click the star icon for the segment (it appears below the Segment Comment icon). The window opens immediately below the current segment.

The options that appear in this window are determined by the QA model that your company has chosen to use. Whoever set up the model should explain what the feedback categories in the model represent and how to score them.

The Default QA Models

The following QA models are provided with SDL TMS and your company may be using one of these. Click the QA model name to see the review categories available in the model:

How to Complete the Reviewer Grading Window

  1. Click inside a target segment that contains an error. Click the star icon for the segment (this icon appears below the Segment Comment icon). The Reviewer Grading window is displayed.

  2. Locate the category to which the error belongs and decide on the severity of the error.

  3. Add 1 to the appropriate category/severity box. Click the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the number that appears in the box.
    The number you enter is multiplied (in the background) by the multiplier defined for this category/severity. For example, 2 minor errors may generate a score of 2 but two major errors could generate a score of 10. This score is added to the overall score for the task and the review information at the top of the Translation screen is updated.

  1. Continue logging errors until all errors in the current segment have been recorded. To save your feedback as you review the document, click Save.

  2. Continue reviewing the document until all errors have been logged.

When you have finished reviewing and scoring the task, it will either have passed or failed the review. You must now decide whether to Submit or  Reject the task.



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