Overview: User Profiles

SDL Trados Studio stores all your settings and preferences in your user profile. Your profile contains:

All specific project settings (for example, selected Language Pairs, TMs, Termbases, AutoSuggest dictionaries, Automated Translation servers, File Types, TM settings, Batch Processing settings) are stored inside each project folder.


Only one profile can be active at any time; however, you can create multiple profiles and switch between them. You can export your user profile to a file for sharing with other users or for you to take with you when you use SDL Trados Studio on a different computer. You could also create profiles for use with different customers. This means that you can have a number of profiles and switch between them.

SDLX and SDL Trados User Profiles

If you are an SDLX or SDL Trados user, there are special user profiles that you can choose. These profiles enable you to use SDLX or SDL Trados keyboard shortcuts in SDL Trados Studio and also to have similar pre-translation and translation settings to those you had previously.

Choosing a User Profile

The first time that you start SDL Trados Studio, you are asked to choose a profile before the application opens in the SDL Trados Studio Setup wizard. This profile will continue to be used until you select a different profile.

To view the currently selected profile or to select a different profile, select File > Setup > Manage User Profiles. The Manage User Profiles wizard is displayed. From here you can view your current profile, export your profile and switch profiles.



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