About Reviewing Bilingual Files with Word

For reviewers who do not have Studio installed, you can export the SDL XLIFF file to a bilingual review document format (.review.docx) which can be opened in Microsoft Word. The reviewed document can then be imported back into Studio and the SDL XLIFF updated with edits, tracked changes, reviewed statuses and comments.

For example, this is useful for subject matter experts that need to review the document but do not want to have to learn how to use Studio to do this.


  • For additional external review document formats, see the available applications on SDL AppStore.

  • The ability to export to a bilingual docx format for review in Word is available from both WorldServer and Studio.

The following workflow is an example of how to work with an external reviewer:

  1. Translate the document in Studio.
  2. Use the Export for Bilingual Review batch task to convert the document to a bilingual .docx format.

  3. The reviewer opens the document for review in Microsoft Word. They can add comments, tracked changes or make corrections themselves.  

  4. Use the Update from Bilingual Review batch task to import the changes and update the SDL XLIFF file in Studio.

  5. Open the document for translation in Studio and make the corrections.


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