How to Check Spelling As You Type

When the Check spelling as you type option is selected, the document is spell checked as you type in the Editor window in the Editor view. When you modify any text, the text is not spell checked again until you stop typing. Spelling errors are displayed as a red wavy line underneath the misspelled word. For example, the following is a misspelled word:

Before you start, you can:

To check spelling as you type:

  1. In the Editor, right-click on the spelling error with the red wavy line. A shortcut menu is displayed.

  2. Select from the following options on the shortcut menu:

  3. A list of spelling suggestions.

  4. Ignore All - Select this to add the word to the Ignore All word list for the spell checker you have selected. The Ignore All list is shared between all open documents in SDL Trados Studio.

  5. Add to Dictionary - Select this to add the replacement term to the default custom dictionary for the spell checker that you have selected. If there is no default dictionary for that target language, this option is grayed out.

The red wavy line is no longer displayed under the word.



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