About Confirming Translations

Translations are confirmed at segment level. When you have finished translating a segment or if you want to approve a translation during review, you should confirm the segment. Depending on if you have the document open for translation, review or sign-off, different options are available to confirm the translation is complete or to approve the translation.  

Confirming a translation

To confirm a segment translation, press Ctrl+Enter or press the following in the Editor view > Home tab > Segment Actions group:


You can also confirm a group of translations by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the segment number column to select the rows you want to confirm. Right-click in the segment number column of the last selected row and select Change Segment Status > Translated/Translation Approved/Signed Off from the shortcut menu.

Confirming a translation when it contains track changes

You can confirm translations that contain tracked changes in the source and/or target. You may want to do this if you are working in a regulated industry and are making changes to the target translation based on tracked changes in the source. This results in target tracked changes that directly map to source tracked changes that need to be included in the final document generated by Studio.

When you confirm a translation the following things happen automatically:


By default, when the system applies a 100% translation memory match to a segment, the segment is automatically confirmed. If you are updating a different TM to the one where the match was found, an update is made to that TM. These are optional settings which are controlled from the Options dialog box.



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