About Working with Termbases

The purpose of a termbase is to reduce the amount of time and effort involved in translating new documents by enabling you to lookup term translations. When you are translating documents in the Editor view, you open a termbase or a termbase is automatically opened. You can work interactively with the contents of the termbase as you translate documents. You can:

Terminology Recognition Options

Terminology recognition describes how SDL Trados Studio compares the current source sentence with the data in SDL MultiTerm. MultiTerm automatically suggests terms as you translate your documents. This allows you to work with your termbases from within the Studio environment. Every known term that is similar to terms stored in the MultiTerm termbase is highlighted by a red bracketed line in the source segment text in the Editor window. In addition, the terms are displayed in the Term Recognition window in the Editor view with their translation in the target language entry in MultiTerm.



Default termbase selections and terminology recognition settings are defined in the Options dialog box.

Termbases and terminology recognition settings for the active document and active project are defined in the Project Settings dialog box under Language Pairs > All Language Pairs > Termbases > Search Settings.

AutoSuggest Editing

Termbases can also be used as a source for AutoSuggest editing during translation. To use a termbase as an AutoSuggest source, you need to select the Termbases option to enable AutoSuggest.



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