Translating a Document

Documents are translated in the Editor view. Before translating a document you need to use one of the Open methods to open it in the Editor.

  1. In the Editor window, click inside one of the target segments in the document and simply start typing. You can use standard windows text editing functionality when working in SDL Trados Studio. You can also use the following tools to assist you in your translation:

  2. Editing Tools

  3. Tag Formatting Tools

  4. Translation Memory Tools

  5. Terminology Tools

  1. When you have finished translating a segment, press Ctrl+Enter or click Home tab > Segment Actions group > Confirm (Translated) on the Ribbon. The status of the segment changes to Translated and your cursor is automatically placed in the next unconfirmed segment.

  2. When you have finished translating the document, press F8 or select Review tab > Quality Assurance group > Verify to check for any errors in the document.

  3. Save and close the document.

  4. If you are working with packages, you can send the completed bilingual *.sdlxliff document to the reviewer for review in a package.

  5. If you are working with an online project, switch to the Files view, right-click on the file that you have just edited and then select Check in from the shortcut menu.

When you have finished translating a document and all segments in the document have a Translated status, the status of the document changes to Translated.



  • If you want to edit a segment that is already confirmed, click inside the target segment and make changes. The segment status automatically changes to Draft.

  • During translation, you may want to preview the translation regularly.


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