How to Use AutoSuggest

This topic describes how to use the AutoSuggest tool in the Editor window in the Editor view. The AutoSuggest tool tries to predict what you are about to type and presents you with a list of words and phrases that also begin with the characters you have typed so far. If one of the words or phrases matches what you were about to type, you can select it and it is inserted into the current segment.


AutoSuggest is an optional feature and must be set up before you can use it. Click here to find out how to set up AutoSuggest editing.

To use AutoSuggest in your document:

  1. In the Editor window, start typing in the target segment box. Depending on the AutoSuggest settings you have made, the suggestions available are displayed below the segment.


  2. If you want to use one of the suggestions, double-click the suggestion. The suggestion is inserted into the current segment.



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