Overview: Working with Comments

You can perform the following commenting actions in your *.sdlxliff documents in the Editor view:

There are commands for adding, editing, deleting and navigating comments on the shortcut menu, on the Review tab > Comments groupand within the Comments window.

Comments are shown in the Comments window. This window is displayed when you click the Comments window name tab or select View tab > Information group > Comments.

Adding Comments to Target Segments

Comments can be added before sending files for translation or during translation and review. They are a good way to share information about the document with other users or to pass instructions to translators or reviewers.

You can add document level comments and segment level comments. You can add multiple comments for the same document or segment and you can assign a severity level to each comment. You can also edit comments or add new versions to existing comments.

Comments in Source Segments

If you have comments in the original source document, by default they are displayed in the source segments when you open a document for translation. However these comments cannot be amended and new comments cannot be made to source segments.

You can also choose to extract comments from the original document for translation Studio. Once translated they then will appear as comments again in the final translated document. You can choose to do this in the File Types > Microsoft Word 2007-2013 file type settings.


Comments in source segments are only supported for Microsoft Word 2007-2013 (.docx) file types.

Comment Colors

When you add a comment it appears in the Comments window and is also highlighted in the translation document. The following highlighting is used:


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