How to Open and Review a File

This topic describes how to open and review a translated project file in the Editor view. When you open a file for review, the Review configuration is used. This means that the Editor view changes to the review layout, Track Changes is automatically enabled, and the File Actions and Segment Actions groups on the Home tab show review statuses only.

In the Editor window, the source language segments are displayed on the left and target language segments on the right. The segment status column in between the source and target segments contains information about the target segment status, for example whether the translation has been confirmed or rejected.


If you received your files for review in a package, you must first open the package before you can open the files for review.


To open and review a file:

  1. Click the Files button in the navigation pane. All of the files in the active project are displayed in the Files view.

  2. In the box at the top of the Files view navigation pane, select the required target language. Project files for the target language are displayed on the right.

  3. Right-click the *.sdlxliff file to be reviewed and select Open for Review from the shortcut menu. The file opens in the Editor view.


If you are working with a GhoupShare server-based project, you will be prompted to check out the file from the GroupShare Project Server. Select Check out and edit the file to check out and open the file in the Editor.

  1. If you want to edit a segment in the Editor window, simply click inside the target segment and start typing. You can use standard windows text editing functionality when working in SDL Trados Studio. You can also use the following tools to assist you in your review. These are the same tools that are available when the document is translated.


When you open a file for review or sign-off, one of the review modes (Track Suggested Changes or Translation Quality Assessment) is activated by default.

  1. Approve or reject the translations:

If you want to

Do the following

approve an individual translation,

place your cursor in the segment and click the Confirm (Translation Approved) button on the Home tab > Segment Actions group or press Ctrl+Enter.

approve a group of translations,

hold down the Ctrl key and click on the segment number column to select rows you want to approve. Right-click in the segment number column of the last selected row and select Change Segment Status > Translation Approved from the shortcut menu.

approve all translations that have not yet been reviewed,

click in the File Actions group. This will set the status of all unreviewed segments to Translation Approved. Any translations that do not have a status of Translation Approved or Translation Rejected are classified as not being reviewed.


If you perform this action, your document will also be saved and closed.

reject a translation,

place your cursor in the segment and click the Reject Segment (Translation Rejected) button on the Home tab > Segment Actions group or press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

  1. When you have finished reviewing the document, select Review tab > Verify to check for any errors in the document.

  2. Select File > Save to save the document and then select File > Close to close the document.

  3. If there are still translations that are not approved or rejected when you close the document, a prompt is displayed asking you if you want to approve all the translations that have not yet been reviewed.

  4. Click Yes to set to Translation Approved all the translations that have not yet been reviewed and close the document.

  5. Click No to leave the translations with the current status that is assigned to them and close the document.

  6. Click Cancel to leave the translations with the current status that is assigned to them and keep the document open.


If you do not want to be prompted with this question again, select the Don't ask this question again check box.

  1. If you are working with a GroupShare project, switch to the Files view, right-click on the file that you have just edited and then select Check in.

When all segments in the document have either a Translation Rejected or Translation Approved status, the status of the document changes:



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