About GroupShare Projects


GroupShare server-based projects are stored online and allow Studio users to collaborate on translation projects in a more efficient and centralized way. GroupShare projects can have multiple users working on different project files at the same time without having to distribute project packages containing the work to be completed. Project managers are also able to track the progress of the work that has been checked in.

GroupShare Project Server

Project Server is a central repository for your GroupShare project and the files within that project. Project Server offers project management functionality and controls the permissions for accessing the project and resources within that project. TM Server is installed in combination with Project Server enabling you to manage server-based translation memories with the project. You can also manage your server-based termbase resources within the project if you choose to install MultiTerm Server in combination with Project Server.

Monitoring Project Progress

If you are a project manager and want to see the progress of the checked in work on the Project Server, you can view this information in the Projects view and Files view in Studio. Statistics about the progress of the translation are automatically downloaded from the Project Server to your copy of Studio. To see the most up-to-date statistics for work that have been checked in, click Projects view >  View tab > Refresh View.



Refreshing the view updates the statistics about the project but it does not download the latest version of the files. You can get the latest version of a file using the Get Latest Version command.



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