About Packages

Packages are used to send work to other team members when you are working in an offline workflow. A package is a file structure which contains all the files that need to be sent to a project team member in order for them to commence work on the project. It can also contain work that has been completed.

Once the package is created, you can send it by email, post on an FTP site or use any other method that you prefer to send it to the team member who will be working on the project files. This eliminates the need to send multiple files or multiple emails and enables all project information to be sent with project files in a coherent structure.


Click here to view an example workflow for a project in SDL Trados Studio using packages.


There are two types of project packages:

Package Type


Project Package

A project package contains files on which a project team member has to perform a manual task such as translation or review.

You can create and open SDL Trados Studio project packages. (.sdlppx)

You can also open project packages from other translation management applications. See Supported Package Formats.


The contents of a project package vary. They can include:

  • Project files: Bilingual SDL XLIFF files and reference files

  • Local and remote project translation memories

  • Local main translation memories and remote main translation memory references

  • Local termbases and remote termbase references

  • AutoSuggest dictionaries

  • Automated translation provider connection details.

  • The Analyze Files and Word Count reports (generated during package creation)

  • Project settings


Project packages do not include the project source files but you can add them as reference files when you create a project package on the Review Project Packages page of the Create Project Package wizard.

Return Package

A return package contains project files for which a specific manual task has been completed. For example, project files that have been translated or reviewed. It can also contain files for which further work needs to be completed. For example, a reviewer may want to return a translated file because of an incorrect translation which the translator needs to fix.

You can create and open SDL Trados Studio return packages (.sdlrpx).

If you have opened a project package from another application, when you create a return package it will automatically create it in a format that you can upload back to the other application. See Supported Package Formats.



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