Preview Window

The Preview window in the Editor view displays a view of the document internally in the application.

By default, the Preview tab appears on the top right corner of the Editor view: . Click on the Preview tab to display the window.

If the tab is not displayed in the Editor view, select View tab > Information group > Preview from the Ribbon. You can drag it to another location and resize the window. Click here to find out more about moving and resizing windows.


  • When previewing documents that contain tracked changes, you can only see the tracked changes in the preview for Microsoft Word 2007-2013 documents (*.docx). For all other file types, tracked changes will appear as if they are accepted in the preview.

  • You can only preview Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, XML, RTF, PDF and HTML files in the Preview window. If you want to preview another type of file, use the View In option to preview the document in the application in which it was created. Click here for more information.

  • If no preview of the document is displayed when you open the Preview window, click the Click here to generate initial preview to display the preview.







Select how you want to preview your document:

  • Preview - Select this to preview the translation as it is now. This preview is only updated with confirmed segments if you press Refresh.

  • Real-time Preview - Select this if you want the translation preview to update to reflect the changes as you type. This update occurs every time you confirm a segment. This feature uses a lot of processor power. If your instance of SDL Trados Studio becomes slow you may want to use the Preview option instead.




Refreshes the currently visible preview.

Preview Tabs


Click on this tab to preview the original source language version of the active document.


Click on this tab to preview the source and target language versions of the active document side-by-side.



The side-by-side option is only available for if you are previewing an HTML or XML document.



Click this tab to preview the translated target language version of the active document.



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