About AutoSuggest Dictionaries

An AutoSuggest Dictionary contains words and phrases extracted from translation memories (*.sdltm) or TMX files. These dictionaries can then be used in AutoSuggest suggestions during translation. After you have typed the first few characters of a word, it presents you with a list of suggested words and phrases from that AutoSuggest dictionary that start with the same characters. If one of the words or phrases matches what you were about to type, you can automatically complete the word or phrase by selecting it from the list. As you continue to type the list of suggested words is continuously updated.

Generating AutoSuggest Dictionaries

An AutoSuggest dictionary is generated by scanning through each translation memory segment and correlating words in the source with words in the target. For example, if the word Computer appears in only 93 source segments and the word Rechner appears in only 93 corresponding target segments, then the word Computer could be correlated with the word Rechner. This process can be applied to groups of words to form phrase mappings. These words and phrases are then extracted to an AutoSuggest dictionary file (*.bpm).



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