How to Open a File from a Package

This topic describes how to open a file for translation or review that you received in a project package in SDL Trados Studio.

How to Open a Package

To open a package:

  1. Select File > Open > Package from the menu bar or click Open Package on the Standard toolbar in any view. The Open Package dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select the project package to be opened and click Open.


If you are opening a package from another application, the Preparing Package for Import page is displayed and your package contents are converted to SDL Trados Studio formats. See Supported Package Formats for more information.

  1. The Open Package wizard opens on the Review Package Contents page.  

  2. Review the package details and select folders from the bottom left-hand pane to view the files within that folder in the bottom-right hand pane.

  3. If you want to preview a file, select the file and click View File. A preview window is displayed with both the document to be translated and the document translation side by side. The source language document appears on the left and the target language version on the right.

  4. Click Finish to import the package. The Importing Package page is displayed.

  5. If this is the first package for this project that you have ever opened, the Browse For Folder dialog box is displayed. Select a folder in which you would like to store the contents of the package and click OK. This defaults to a newly created project folder labeled with the name of the project to which the package is associated.

  6. When the import is complete, click Close to close the Open Package wizard.

A project corresponding to the project details in the package has been created and opened in SDL Trados Studio. The manual task assigned to that package is displayed in the My Tasks folder on the navigation tree of the Files view. The manual task indicates the work you need to complete on the files. For example, Translate indicates that the files in the package need to be translated.

How to Open Files from an Opened Package

To open a file from the package for translation or review:

  1. Click the Files button in the navigation pane to display the Files view.

  2. Select the language for which you want to review or translate files from the drop-down list at the top of the navigation pane.

  3. Double-click on the file you want to open in the right-hand pane. The file is automatically opened in the Editor view with the associated translation memories and termbases that were included in the package. Depending on what manual task you are assigned to complete for this file, the file is opened for translation or review. The configurations changes to a layout designed for either translation or review.  



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