How to Insert Tags from a Source Language Segment

This topic describes how to insert tags from a source language segment in the Editor window in the Editor view.

If the formatting you require exists in a source segment, you can quickly apply the formatting to any target language segment.



By default, SDL Trados Studio settings specify that recognized formatting tags are hidden, therefore tags remain hidden when inserted and instead the text is formatted in the style in the Editor window.


To insert tags from a source language segment:

  1. In the Editor window, click inside the target segment where you want the tag to be inserted or select the text that you want to be enclosed in tags.

  2. Place the cursor over one of the tags in the source segment press Ctrl. The tag and the text that it is encloses are highlighted in gold.

  3. Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the tag in the source segment text. The tag pair is inserted into the target segment at the point where the cursor is located. Click inside the tag pair and start typing. Alternatively, if you had selected text in the target segment, that text is now enclosed in the tag pair.



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