Overview: Verifying Translations

SDL Trados Studio includes verification tools that check translated text for errors and inconsistencies. You can verify documents at any time during or after translation. You can verify:

You can set the verification options, for example which punctuation checks are performed. By default, most of the verification options are switched off, and you need to edit the options to enable verification.

SDL Trados Studio saves verification options settings in the profile, project and project template settings. How you set verification options depends on which options you are setting. See below, Available Verification Checks.

When verification finds an error, the error is displayed in the Messages window. See How to View Messages for information on how to view messages in the messages window.

Available Verification Checks

SDL Trados Studio has the following sets of verification checks:

These are described separately below.

When you perform a verification, SDL Trados Studio runs all the verification checks that apply to the target document.

QA Checker

QA Checker includes the following types of verification checks.



Segments Verification

Checks source segments against target segments, for example gross discrepancies in length.


Checks for inconsistent or repeated translation.


Contains a variety of punctuation checks.


Checks for translation of numbers, dates and times

Word List

Contains forbidden words and corrections.

Regular Expressions

Checks if some specified regular expression (word patterns) exist.

Trademark Check

Checks that trademarks are translated.

Length Verification 

Checks that files are not too long.

The QA Checker allows you to save all the current QA checker settings in a QA Checker Profile.

You can use the Segments to Exclude option settings to exclude segments from verification.

Copies of QA Checker settings are held in different places, as part of profile, project, and project template settings. See How to Specify Settings for the QA Checker.

Terminology Verifier

The Terminology Verifier checks that if there is a termbase for the translation, the translation uses target terms from the termbase where suitable. It also checks that the translation does not include any target terms that are marked as forbidden in the termbase.

Like the QA Checker settings, Terminology Verifier option settings are held as part of the profile, project, and project template settings.

Tag Verification

Tag Verification checks that tags in the translated document match those in the source document, for example that tags have not been moved or deleted.

You provide separate tag verification settings for each file type. See Overview: Working with File Types for information about changing file type options. See Tag Verification for details of the tag verification settings.

XML Validation

The XML validation checks XML documents against one or more schema files.

You provide separate XML Validation settings for each XML file type. See Overview: Working with File Types for information about changing file type options. See XML validation for details of the XML validation settings.



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