How to Verify the Translation

This topic describes how to verify a translation for the active document in the Editor view. Verification is automatically performed on a segment when you confirm a translation. If there is an error in the translation, one of the following icons is displayed in the segment status column and details of the error are displayed in the Messages window:

You can also verify all translations in the document at the same time.

To verify all translations in the active document:

  1. Activate or deactivate the QA Checker and/or Terminology verification plug-ins for use during verification:

  1. Activate or deactivate the Tag Verification plug-in for use during verification:


Tag verification is not available for all file types.

  1. In the Editor view, select Tools > Verify from the menu bar or press F8. The active document is checked using the available verifiers. A process dialog box is displayed. When the verification is complete, any errors found in the document are automatically displayed in the Messages window.

  2. Double-click on a message in the Messages window to go to the translation where the error occurred.

  3. Make changes to the translation to correct the error and then confirm the segment by pressing Ctrl+Enter to verify the segment again.



If there are no verifiers available for the file type, a message is displayed and the verification process stops.



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