Sample XML File

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Sample File

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


  <title maxlength="10"> Quote Letter </title>

  <salutation limit="40">Dear Daniel,</salutation>

  <text>Thank you f or sending us the information on <emphasis>SDL Trados Studio 2009</emphasis>.

    We like your products and think they certainly represent the most powerful translation solution on the market.

    We especially like the <component translate="yes">XML Parser rules</component> options in the <component translate="no">XML</component> filter.

    It has helped us to set up support for our XML files in a flash.

    We have already downloaded the latest version from your Customer Center.</text>

   <title maxlength="40"> Quote Details </title>

    <text> We would like to order 50 licenses.

    Please send us a quote. Keep up the good work!</text>


  <greetings minlength="10">Yours sincerely,</greetings>

  <signature> Paul Smith</signature>

  <address translate="yes">Smith &amp; Company Ltd.</address>

  <address translate="no">Smithtown</address>


  <logo alt="Logo of Smith and Company Ltd." address=""/>