Add Filter/Edit Filter/Filter

Use the Add Filter/Edit Filter dialog box to create and edit filters that are applied to lookup results before they are displayed in the Translation Results window in the Editor view.

Use the Filter dialog box to:

This dialog box can be displayed from various locations.

Click here to find out more about filters.

Depending on where you display this dialog box from, different options may be available.




The name of the filter.


A penalty to be applied to translation units that do not match the filter.

This is an optional penalty that is applied in addition to the existing penalties on the Penalties page. All of the penalties defined on the Penalties page are applied.


When this option is selected, it negates the condition (it puts NOT in front of the condition). For example, the condition Project = 123 would become Not project = 123.

This check box can be selected after you have added a condition to this filter.


Displays the conditions that are contained in this filter for the selected translation memory.


If you create a filter that contains more than one condition, you can specify if you want translation units to match all or some of the filter conditions by selecting And or Or from the drop-down list in this column.

AND - Both conditions must be true.

OR - Either the first or the second condition must be true.

Use parentheses in this filter

When this option is selected, you can also use parentheses in your filter. Parentheses are used to group conditions which must be executed together.  


Click this to add a new condition and open the Add Condition dialog box.


Click this to insert a new condition into the existing list of conditions. You indicate the position where you want the condition to be inserted by selecting the condition that currently occupies the position. For example, if you want the new condition to be the third condition in the filter, select the condition that is currently in row three. When the new condition is inserted, the selected condition will move down to row four.

When you click this button, the Insert Condition dialog box is displayed.


Click this to edit the currently selected condition.


Click this to delete the currently selected condition.


Displays the type of field specified in the currently selected condition.



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