Spell Checker

Use the Spell Checker dialog box to check the spelling of text that is in your target language.

To display this dialog box, select Tools > Check Spelling from the menu bar in the Editor view.




Not in Dictionary

The misspelled term from your document.

Change to

The selected suggested replacement term. You can also type your own replacement text in this box.


The suggested replacement terms.


Click this to resume the spell checker session. This button is only displayed if you have performed an action outside of the Spell Checker dialog box.


Click this to ignore the word once.

Ignore All

Click this to add the word to the Ignore All word list.

Click here for the more information about the Ignore All list.


Click this to replace the misspelled term from your document with the replacement text from the Change to box.

Change All

Click this to replace every occurrence of this error in the current document.


Click this to add the replacement term to the default custom dictionary for that target language.

If there is no default dictionary for that target language, this button is disabled.


Click this to display a list of spelling suggestions in the Change to box.

This option is only available if you have typed your own replacement text in the Change to box.


Click this to specify your spelling options and to display the Spelling settings on the Options dialog box.


Click this to stop spell checking your document and to close the Spell Checker dialog box.



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