Options Dialog Box > Editor > Spelling

Use the Editor > Spelling settings to specify:

To display the Editor > Spelling settings, select Tools > Options from the menu bar and then select Editor > Spelling from the navigation tree in the Options dialog box.





Check spelling as you type

Select this option to spell check as you type. Spelling errors are displayed as a red wavy line underneath the misspelled word.

Ignore words in UPPERCASE

Select this option to exclude any words that contain all uppercase characters from spell checking.

Ignore words with numbers

Select this option to exclude any words that contain digits from spell checking.

Ignore Internet and file addresses

Select this option to exclude any text that looks like a URL or a file path from spell checking.

Custom Dictionaries

Click this to display the Custom Dictionaries dialog box, which you can manage custom dictionary configuration and content.

Clear Ignore All List

Click this to delete all the words from the Ignore All list.

Click here for more information about the Ignore All list.



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