Use the Options dialog box to specify settings that control how different areas of SDL Trados Studio look and function. You can view and edit the settings if you want to.

To display the Options dialog box, select Tools > Options from the menu bar.



Click Reset to Defaults to restore the currently displayed settings to their defaults.


The different types of settings are accessed from the Options dialog box navigation tree.



Setting Description


This is where you view and edit general settings for the Editor view.


This is where you specify whether AutoSuggest is enabled and if AutoText entries, termbases and AutoSuggest dictionaries are used during AutoSuggest.  

File Types

This is where you view and edit settings that determine how SDL Trados Studio process files of different types.

For more information about file types, see Overview of Working with File Types.


This is where you view and edit the quality assurance checks that will be applied to the selected documents.

Language Pairs

This is where you manage the language pairs and default translation memory settings for that language pair.

Translation Memories View

This is where you control the way that translation memory content is displayed for editing in the Translation Memories view.


This is where you customize the SDL Trados Studio views by specifying the colors that are used in the views.

Keyboard Shortcuts

This is where you specify which keys you need to press to perform actions in SDL Trados Studio.

Automatic Updates

This is where you specify if you want to automatically check for updates for the SDL Trados Studio application.

Home View

This is where you specify what news headlines you want to display from SDL Trados Studio in the navigation pane in the Home view.



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