About the Microsoft Word Spell Checker

You can choose to use Microsoft Word as a spell checker in SDL Trados Studio. The spell checker can only be used if Word is installed. You may want to use Word as a spell checker instead of the default Hunspell spell checker installed with Studio if, for example, the Word dictionary might contain standard company names and technical terms that you want to use.

Microsoft Word Spell Checker Features

Using Microsoft Word you can:

Supported Microsoft Word Dictionaries

Logographical languages that use a symbol to represent a whole word, or languages that do not use a delimiter character (like a space) to separate words in a sentence, are not supported when using Microsoft Word spell checker in Studio. These include the following languages and any language variants: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai. If your translated text for these languages contains any single-byte words (English words), those words will also not be spell checked in Studio.


The other languages supported by the Word spell checker will vary depending on your Word setup. Refer to the Word Help for more details.  





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