About Hunspell Custom Dictionaries

SDL Trados Studio contains Hunspell dictionaries for a number of languages. However:

Hence, you might want to add words to a custom dictionary, or to import whole dictionaries into Studio.



  • You can also choose to use dictionaries from Microsoft Word. Custom dictionaries from Word must be selected for use in Microsoft Word.

  • Custom dictionaries created in Studio, can only be used if you have selected to use the Hunspell spell checker.

Name and Location of Custom Dictionaries

By default custom dictionaries are in the folder:

...\document and settings\<user name>\Application data\SDL\SpellChecker\

They have the file name extension .dic.


In some versions of Studio , the file name extension for a dictionary is case-sensitive and must be lowercase, .dic.

Each customer dictionary has an associated affix file, which lists acceptable prefixes and suffixes to words. If you do not provide an affix file in the Add custom dictionary command, Studio creates an empty one.

Format of Custom Dictionaries

Custom dictionaries have the same format as provided dictionaries. See Dictionary Format.



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