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Welcome to the Translation Memory API. This API provides access to all translation memory functionality, both for file- and server-based translation memories. In addition it also provides the capability to create custom translation providers, which allow SDL applications like SDL Trados Studio 2015 to interact with automated translation engines, third-party translation memory implementations or other translation engines in a unified way.

Translation Memories

The majority of the functionality in this API centers around working with translation memories such as:

  • Creating server and file-based TMs
  • Configuring a TM
  • Maintaining and tuning a TM
  • Performing TM lookup operations
  • Adding and editing translation units
  • Retrieving information on translation units
  • Creating language resources
  • Performing TM imports and exports
  • Connecting to a TM server
  • Retrieving and creating container databases on a TM server

Translation Provider Plug-ins

Apart from translation memories SDL Trados Studio 2015 can also leverage other translation providers such as Web-based translation services (e.g. Google Translate), and any other kind of resource that provides translation solutions. This SDK contains an example of how to develop a simple translation provider plug-in that performs lookup operations in delimited text files.


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