Translation Results Window

The Translation Results window in the Editor view displays the results of translation memory lookups and automated translation lookups for the current segment. If the lookup has found a translation you want to use, you can apply the translation to the current segment by clicking the Apply Translation button on the Translation toolbar.

The Translation Results window is always present in the Editor view (unless you close it completely). If the Translation Results window is currently hidden behind other windows, click the Translation Results window name tab or select View > Translation Results from the menu bar.

By default SDL Trados Studio automatically performs a translation memory lookup whenever you place the cursor in an untranslated segment (one for which the translation has not been confirmed). The best translation memory match is automatically placed in the target segment and, if the match is a 100% match, the translation is automatically confirmed.


Default settings for the Translation Results window are in the Options dialog box. The colors used are controlled through these settings. To view or change the settings, select Tools > Options > Editor > Translation Results Window from the menu bar.




Top bar

At the top of the window is a bar that displays the name of the translation memory the current result came from.

Source segment

Optionally, you can choose to display the current source document segment above the lookup results. This means that you can easily compare the document segment with the source segments for each of the lookup results.

The option to display the source segment is located in the Options dialog box under Editor > Translation Results Window.



Project Settings

Click this to display the Project Settings dialog box where you can select translation memories and specify translation memory settings for the active document.


Select Previous Match

Click this to select (highlight) the translation memory match on the row above the currently selected translation memory match in the Translation Results window for the active document.

Shortcut command: Alt+Page Up


Apply Translation

Click this to copy a translation from the Translation Results window into the current target segment in the active document. The currently selected (highlighted) translation is applied.


Select Next Match

Click this to select (highlight) the next translation memory match in the Translation Results window for the active document.

Shortcut command: Alt+Page Down


Copy Source to Target

Click this to copy the contents of the current source language segment into the corresponding target segment in the active document.

Shortcut command: Ctrl+Ins

Translation Results

Source language segment

The main part of the window contains the translation memory lookup results. These are translation units whose source segment content is a match for the current source segment. The two segments may match exactly or there may be some text or formatting differences.

If the text in the translation memory source segment is different to that in the document source segment, the differences are indicated by underlining or strike through.


  • Text with a line through it, is text that appears in the translation memory segment but not in the document segment. By default this text is colored red.

  • Underlined text is text that has been added to the document segment or which has been changed in the document. By default this text is colored blue.

You can change the formatting and default colors used if you want to.

Placeables have a blue bracketed line underneath them.



Percentage match figure

In between the source segment and target segment is the segment status column. This displays the degree of match between the document source segment and the translation memory source segment. For example, a 100% match is an exact match.

If a penalty has been applied, one of the following icons is displayed to indicate the type of penalty:

image5.gif Filter

image6.gif Formatting

image8.gif Multiple translation

image7.gif Provider

image3.gif Text replacement

image9.gif Auto-localization

To display more information about the match, hold the cursor over the icon in the segment status. For example, if a filter penalty has been applied, the filter name and the level of penalty are displayed.

Click here to find out more about penalties.

Target language segment

The third column displays the segment translation. To navigate the results, you can:

  • Use your cursor to click inside target segments.

  • Click inside the window and use the Up and Down arrows on your keyboard.

  • Use the Select Previous Match ( Alt+Page Up) and Select Next Match ( Alt+Page Down) options on the Translation menu.

To apply the currently selected (highlighted) result to the current segment, use one of the following methods.

  • Press CTRL+T.

  • Click the Apply Translation button on the Translation toolbar.

  • Select Apply Translation from the Translation menu.


When you apply a lookup result to the current segment, any text already in the segment is overwritten.

Document Structure

The fourth column indicates where the segment text appears in the source document. For example, H indicates that the segment text is a heading.


Optionally a column displaying field values associated with the translation unit can be displayed. Field values are pieces of information that were attached to the translation unit when the translation unit was added to the translation memory. For example, you may assign a project code to new translations or a status code indicating whether the translation is draft or approved.

The option to display field values is located in the Options dialog box under Editor > Translation Results Window.


The additional column only appears when there are field values to be displayed. If there are no field values for a translation unit, the column does not appear.

Status bar

This column displays information about the current translation unit.



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