The Translation Memories View Navigation Pane

In the Translation Memories view, the navigation pane shows all of the translation memories and language resource templates that are currently available in the view. Each is displayed in a folder in the navigation tree.  

By default the navigation pane is expanded. To minimize the navigation pane, click the Minimize the Navigation Pane button nav_close.jpg at the top of the navigation pane. To expand the navigation pane, click the Expand the navigation pane button expand_nav_pane.jpg.

Navigating Individual Translation Memories

Double-click on a folder in the navigation tree to reveal its contents. For example, if you double-click the Translation Memories folder, the translation memories located in the folder are displayed. This includes file-based and server-based translation memories. Only server-based translation memories are multilingual and therefore list the language pairs they contain beneath the translation memory name.




 You can do the following from the navigation tree:

  • Right-click a translation memory in the navigation tree to display a shortcut menu of translation memory maintenance options. There is also a Maintenance menu and a Maintenance toolbar.

  • Right-click a language resource template in the navigation tree to display a shortcut menu of language resource template options.

If you double-click a translation memory, the translation memory is opened for editing in the TM side-by-side editor window where you can perform maintenance. The currently displayed translation memory is called the active translation memory.








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