Translation Memory Matches
If a segment has a translation memory (TM) match, the TM match button is enabled (), indicating that there are matches for this segment in the translation memory. Clicking the Translation memory matches button brings up the Matches for Segment N dialog (the Translation memory matches dialog).
Figure 61: Browser Workbench TM Lookup Results
You can use the “paste” icon () to the left of a TM entry to paste it into the target segment at the current caret position. This dialog indicates the score for this TM match, and the TM from which each match came. You can leave this window open and, as you move from segment to segment, it will refresh to have the content for that segment. This allows you to always see the TM matches for each segment.
Note: If you have Machine Translation adapters configured for the target language, you will also get MT matches for empty target segments. As with the TM matches, you can click the icon to paste the match text into the target segment.
Matches that initially appear in the target textbox are inserted when WorldServer segments the asset and computes exact match scores. In some cases, the match displayed first in the Translation memory matches dialog may not be the same match that appears in the target textbox. If there is more than one exact match with an identical score, the display order may vary.
Details of the translation memory match types are provided in Translation Memory Match Details. You can also click the match link to open the TM entry editor and edit the entry as needed.
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