Preserving Segment Comments
By default, WorldServer does not save segment comments into the translation memory. However, if you create a special attribute for the comments, WorldServer will save the segment comments into the TM. If, and only if, you have created this special attribute, two things happen:
  • The segment comment is copied over to the TM Entry attribute.
  • During leverage, the TM Entry attribute is copied into the new segment for 100% matches.
To enable this optional feature:
  1. In WorldServer, go to Management > Administration > Customization .
  2. From the Custom component type list, choose Attributes.
  3. Click Add.
  4. On the Add Custom Attributes Component dialog box:
    1. From the Applicable Object Types list, choose TM Entry.
    2. In the Internal (API) Name field, type the following, exactly: _tm_entry_comment (underscore tm underscore entry underscore comment).
    3. In the External (UI) Name field, type a human readable name, for example, TM Entry Comment.
    4. From the Attribute Type list, choose Text Field.
    5. Leave other fields set to their default values and click OK.
    Now when users enter comments at the segment level, those comments are preserved whenever leverage yields a 100% or better match.
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