Show Markup
An asset or task is made up of segments with translatable text, and attributes and segments with non-translatable markup. Selecting the Show Markup check box allows you to see the segments with non-translatable markup as well as those with translatable text and attributes. You cannot edit markup segments.
Note: Some filters, such as FrameMaker MIF and Office, do not allow the markup to be viewed.
Here is an excerpt of an asset pair opened in the Browser Workbench with Show Markup off (the default).
Figure 65: Show Markup Turned Off
Note that entry pair 5 is missing. Only 4 and 6 display here.
Here is the same excerpt with Show Markup turned on.
Figure 66: Show Markup Turned On
You now see the entry pair 5, which has no text, only markup. If the markup segment is extremely long, Browser Workbench displays only the beginning and end portions of the markup, with ellipsis in between.
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