About the Segmented Asset Editor
When a task is part of a project that does not use linkage, it can be edited using the Segmented Asset Editor. When a project does not use linkage, it is generally because the project is set up as a means of tracking source file editing, as opposed to translation.
The Segmented Asset Editor allows you to edit assets and tasks without a target file. The Segmented Asset Editor is used if an asset has a locale set up and its media type has a filter associated with it. The asset is segmented and is shown in the Segmented Asset Editor. You can choose to edit the asset in the browser, to switch to the Freeform Editor, or to download the asset and edit offline. You can also access the Viewer from the Segmented Asset Editor.
However, if an asset does not meet these requirements, but is textual, the Segmented Asset Editor is not available, and the Freeform Editor appears instead. In this case, both online and offline modes are available.
If an asset does not meet these requirements and is not textual, only the Freeform Editor in offline mode is available.
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