Import into a TM

  1. Open the Translation Memories view.

  2. Select a translation memory and click Import on the menu bar.

  3. Choose your general and advanced import options in the pop-up dialog box.

  4. Click Finish.

GroupShare imports translation units as a background task.


General Option


Import File

Suitable file types are:

Language Direction

Choose the language pair for the translation units.

Exclude language variants

Select this option to exclude translation units that apply to language variants.

Import translation units as plain text

Select this option to remove formatting tags on import. Fields are not affected.

Overwrite existing translation units

Select this option to replace same source TUs with the imported TUs. This ensures that you do not create multiple translation for the same source segment.

Export invalid translation units

Select this option to write to a TMX file the translation units that are marked not valid. The meaning of not valid depends on other options that you set, for example:

  • The translation unit is written in an excluded language variant.

  • The translation unit contains unknown fields.


Advanced Option


Unknown fields

These options determine how GroupShare treats translation unit with unknown fields.

  • Add to translation memory. The field is made available to all translation units in the TM. This option is not available when you use a field template.

  • Ignore. The translation unit is imported, but the field is ignored.

  • Skip translation unit. The translation unit is not imported.

  • Fail translation unit import. The translation unit is not imported and is counted as an error.

Only import segments with the following confirmation levels


Filter by segment translation status (confirmation level) which translation units to import into the TM.


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