Overview: Automated Translation

Automated translation is translation performed by computer software. The application that provides the automated translation is installed on a server and is accessed in a similar way to a server-based translation memory.

If you are connected to an automated translation server, when you place your cursor in a segment in the Editor window and there is no 100% or fuzzy match available for a segment in the translation memory, the system will contact the automated translation server and provide an automated translation for the segment. The automated translation is automatically inserted into the segment and you can then further edit the translation text. Segments with an automated translation display the following icon at.jpg in the segment status column.

When results are returned from an automated translation service, the name of the translation provider is displayed at the bottom of the Translation Results window.

Automated Translation Providers

SDL offers three automated translation providers for selection:



To use the SDL ATS community account, Google Translate, LW Translation on Demand or the LW community account for SDL Trados Studio users (Early Access), you must have access to the Internet.

Automated Translation and Batch Translation

The automated translation feature can also be used during pre-translation. For details on how to specify your automated translation pre-translation settings, click here.


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