Concordance Search Window (Editor View)

The Concordance Search window in the Editor view displays the results of concordance searches. If the search results contain a translation you want to use, you can copy and paste it into a target segment. You can also perform new concordance searches from the Concordance Search window.

The Concordance Search window is always present in the Editor view (unless you close it completely) but it is located behind other Editor view windows. To display the Concordance Search window, click the Concordance Search window tab name or select View > Concordance from the menu bar.




Top bar

At the top of the window is a bar that displays details of the translation memory used in the search.

Concordance Search Window Toolbar

Text box

Displays the current search text. When you select some text in the Editor window, it is pasted into this box. You can also type text directly into the box.

Click the down-arrow to display previous searches. You can select an item from the list and the search results are displayed.

Search Source/Search Target

Indicates whether source language segments or target language segments were searched.

If you type some search text into the text box, use this button to tell SDL Trados Studio which language to search.


Show Previous/Next Concordance Results

Use these to navigate the list of previous searches. As you move through the list, each set of search results is displayed in turn.


Clear Concordance Window

Click this to clear all data from the Concordance Search window. This also deletes all entries from the list of previous searches.

Concordance Search Results

Source language segment

For each search result, the complete translation unit is displayed. To navigate the list of results, you can use the UP and DOWN arrows on your keyboard.

The first column displays the source language segment. If you used source language text in the search, the text that matches the search value is highlighted in yellow.

Percentage match

This column displays the degree of match that exists between the search text and the search result (the text highlighted in yellow). 100% is an exact match.

Target language segment

This column displays the target language text. If you used target language text in the search, the text that matches the search value is highlighted in yellow.

To insert text from the target segment into the document segment, select the required text, right-click and select Insert into document from the shortcut menu. The text is inserted into the current segment.

Bottom bar

When you click inside a result, information about the translation unit is displayed here.



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