Overview:  New Translation Memory Wizard

Use the New Translation Memory wizard to create a new translation memory. The translation memory is saved with an extension of . sdltm.

To display this wizard, select File > New > Translation Memory from the menu bar in the Translation Memories view.



New translation memories can also be created when you are creating a project or translating a document in SDL Trados Studio.


The wizard contains the following pages:





This is where you specify the name, location and languages of the translation memory. You can also choose to create your translation memory based on an existing translation memory.

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Fields and Settings

This is where you specify fields for the translation units in the translation memory, and translation memory settings.

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Language Resources

This is where you can create or modify lists of language resources. These lists are used in conjunction with the segmentation rules in translation memory processing and to identify untranslatable content.

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This is where your translation memory is created with the settings you specified on the previous pages of the New Translation Memory wizard.

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