Options Dialog Box > AutoSuggest > AutoText

Use the AutoSuggest > AutoText settings to create a list of words and phrases to be used in AutoSuggest. You can add words and phrases manually and you can import a list of words and phrases. AutoText is based solely on the target language text.

To display the AutoSuggest > AutoText settings, select Tools > Options from the menu bar and then select Editor > AutoSuggest > AutoText from the navigation tree in the Options dialog box.

Click here to find out more about AutoSuggest editing.



AutoText entries must be five or more characters in order for them to be offered as suggestions in AutoSuggest.




Target Language

Select the target language whose word list you want to view or edit.

AutoText entries

This is where you can manually add a word, phrase or term to the AutoText list for the selected language. Enter the word or phrase and click Add to save the entry.


Click this to save the word or phrase in the AutoText entries box.

List Box

The box below the AutoText entries box lists any AutoText entries that already exist for the currently selected language.

Entries cannot be edited but they can be deleted.


Click this to delete the currently selected item from the list of AutoText entries.


Click this to import a list of AutoText entries in the form of an .autotxt file.


Click this to export the currently displayed list of AutoText entries to a file. The file is given an extension of .autotxt.



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