AutoSuggest Dictionaries

Use the AutoSuggest Dictionaries settings to specify what AutoSuggest dictionaries are used by AutoSuggest. AutoSuggest dictionaries can come from a previously created dictionary or you can generate a dictionary from a translation memory or (*.sdltm or *.tmx file).

Default AutoSuggest Dictionary settings are located in the Options dialog box dialog box under Language Pairs > [Source Language Name - Target Language Name ] > AutoSuggest Dictionaries. The settings in the Options dialog box are automatically applied. Project specific settings and settings for the active document are defined in the following locations:

These settings are also used and can be modified when you perform any batch tasks on your project files in the Batch Processing wizard.





This box displays the selected AutoSuggest dictionaries that will provide suggestions during translation.



In order to use the AutoSuggest dictionary as a source for AutoSuggest, you must first select the AutoSuggest dictionary option to enable AutoSuggest.



Click this to display the New AutoSuggest Dictionary wizard where you can create a new AutoSuggest dictionary with words and phrases extracted from a translation memory or *.tmx file.


Click this to add an existing AutoSuggest dictionary file (*.bpm) to use during translation.


Click this to remove the selected AutoSuggest dictionary from the list. When a dictionary is removed, suggestions from this dictionary will no longer be provided during translation.



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