Batch Processing > Export Files

Use the Batch Processing > Export Files settings to specify what format a file is in when it exported into a folder separate from the project. This export occurs when you run the Export Files batch task. This batch task can be run at any point during the project life cycle.

These settings appear in multiple dialog boxes in SDL Trados Studio. Click here for more information about finding the appropriate dialog box.




Export files to the following location:

The location where the exported files will be saved. This location defaults to:

C:\Documents and Settings\[User name]\My Documents\Export Files\[Target Language Code]

Click Browse to change this location.

File version to export

Select which format to export the file:

  • Target version - Exports the document in the format in which it was originally created.

  • Latest bilingual version - Exports the file as a bilingual SDLXLIFF file.

  • Current version - Exports the document in the current format that the file is in at this point in the project.



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