Batch Processing > Translation Memory Updates

Use the Batch Processing > Translation Memory Update settings to identify which translations are added to the translation memory and whether they are added as new translation units or replaces an existing translation unit.

Translation memory updates occur when you:

These settings appear in multiple dialog boxes in SDL Trados Studio. Click here for more information about finding the appropriate dialog box.




Always add new translation to the translation memory

When this option is selected, translations that have the statuses below are added as a new translation unit to the translation memory instead of updating existing translation units in the translation memory.

Segment Status

Select the status that a segment must have in order for the translation to be placed in the translation memory.

Translated, Translation Approved and Signed Off are selected by default.

Not Translated

This segment target has not yet been translated or edited.


The target segment text has been edited but it is not yet considered to be fully translated. The Draft status is also applied to segments that had a translation memory match applied and which have since been edited.


The translation has been confirmed as complete.

Translation Rejected

The translation has been rejected by the reviewer.

Translation Approved

The translation has been approved by the reviewer.

Sign-off Rejected

The translation has been rejected during the sign-off process.

Signed Off

The translation has been approved and signed-off. It is ready to be released to the customer.



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